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Statement From Representative Williamson

Portland, Ore. – Rep. Jennifer Williamson (D-Portland) released the following statement today:

“Every day we’re learning about serious threats to our free and fair election system. It’s clear that nothing is more important right now than safeguarding our democracy. That’s why I’m running for Secretary of State. We need leaders who will tenaciously protect it from foreign tampering and make the cybersecurity of our election data and voter information their top priority. In the next few months, I’ll be meeting people throughout Oregon to hear their ideas and share my plans for protecting and expanding our democracy. That’s a full-time job and Oregonians deserve my full attention in this fight to count every vote.”

“That’s why, it’s with a heavy heart, but great hope for the future of our state, that I announce my intention to resign from the Oregon Legislature effective Friday, Dec. 30, 2019″

“Serving the people of Northwest and Southwest Portland for the last seven years has been the greatest honor of my life. My neighbors entrusted me with the responsibility of being their progressive voice in the Oregon Legislature and, together, we’ve fought for and won great improvements in this state.”

“Together, we took on the National Rifle Association and passed sweeping gun safety laws. Together, we expanded access to reproductive health services for all Oregonians. And together, we passed the nation’s most generous paid family medical leave law and made historic investments in the success of all Oregon students.”

“Now, as I look ahead to 2020, it has become clear that the right thing for me to do for my constituents is to step aside early to make room for the next generation of leadership in House District 36, while focusing full-time on my campaign for Secretary of State and fighting for our agenda to protect and improve our democracy across Oregon.”

“I’m running for Secretary of State because Oregonians deserve a strong leader with a proven progressive record who will be an unwavering defender of our democracy. In the months ahead, I look forward to showing Democrats across Oregon what I’ve proven to my neighbors in Portland—that I’ll never stop fighting for fairness, justice, and equity to ensure every voice is heard and every vote is counted.”


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