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    Women’s Investment Network PAC endorses Jennifer

    I am so honored to have earned the WIN PAC endorsement. WIN PAC members know that “when women make policy, the needs of women and families are not ignored.” I am proud to have their seal of approval.

    More about WIN PAC…

    WIN-PAC has made a real difference over the years .  During the 2009 legislative session, 10 of the 18 Senate Democrats were women, making it the only caucus in the country with a majority of women.  The powerful revenue and budget committees were chaired by women.  Women also co-chaired two important budget subcommittees, and another WIN-PAC supported candidate chaired the health care committee which moved significant health care reform legislation.

    In the House, five WIN-PAC endorsed women chaired committees and three others co-chaired budget subcommittees.  Two WIN-PAC endorsed candidates became the first Democrats elected from east of the Cascades in over 10 years (Rep. Judy Stiegler of Bend and Rep. Suzanne VanOrman of Hood River).

    Source-(WIN PAC website, 2011)


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