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Pro-Choice Champion


Jennifer Williamson has spent the last twenty years fighting to protect a woman’s right to choose and preserving access to reproductive health care services. 

This session, Jennifer was proud to work to extend insurance coverage for a full year of birth control for all Oregon women and to extend the ability to write birth control prescriptions to pharmacists. 

When the Susan B. Komen Foundation cut off funding for Planned Parenthood cancer screening programs, Williamson resigned from the non-profit’s board until the national organization reversed its politically motivated policy.  Jennifer has been a lifelong pro-choice leader —

Jennifer has been a lifelong pro-choice leader — having served as a clinic escort and as a member of the board of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon.  She recognizes the serious threat facing women’s basic rights around the nation.  In Salem, Representative Williamson will continue to stand up to any attempt to roll back our reproductive rights.