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A Fair Shot


Jennifer grew up in a union family and she brings those values to her work in Salem.  

Among Jennifer’s recent achievements include:

  • Passing a New Earned Sick Days law for every working Oregonian
  • Ensuring all Oregonians can save for retirement
  • Making community college free for thousands of recent high school graduates so they can get an education without debt and learn technical skills to get better jobs

Jennifer was instrumental in passing a statewide earned sick days law for ALL working Oregonians this year. Jennifer believes no one should be forced to come to work sick or have to choose between caring for a sick child and losing their job.

She also helped create a new program this year to help more Oregonians save for retirement, so we can reduce the number of senior citizens living in poverty. 

Jennifer supports smart investments in career and technical education to help graduates find jobs and stay here in Oregon. She’s working to spur job creation by cutting red tape for small businesses and promoting Oregon-grown food and in-state contractors.  Jennifer also voted to crack down on off-shore tax shelters and close loopholes for out-of- state banks.