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Keep Oregon Safe

In Salem, Representative Williamson helped craft bi-partisan public safety reforms that focus on serving victims and investing in community-based and alternative sentencing programs for non-violent offenders.

Jennifer Williamson’s work helped ensure these common sense ideas became law:

  • Requiring a criminal background check for all private gun sales statewide
  • “Banning the box” to stop employers from excluding an applicant from an initial interview based only on the applicant’s past criminal conviction 
  • New laws to prevent racial profiling and make sure police use body cameras correctly
  • Additional support for survivors of campus sexual assaults

Jennifer stood up to the powerful gun lobby to pass universal criminal background checks on every gun purchase in our state. This new law will help keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers and convicted felons.

Jennifer has been a leading voice to end racial profiling and to help law enforcement employ technology, like body cameras, in a way that’s fair and makes everyone more secure.

Jennifer also spearheaded efforts to close a loophole in how class action lawsuit awards were distributed. Thanks to Jennifer’s leadership, any unclaimed awards will now be donated to Legal Aid programs around the state, not refunded back to the negligent corporation.

Jennifer’s work on alternative sentencing and community-based programs will help save an estimated $600 million in the next ten years for Oregon taxpayers while doubling the state’s investment in community-based services and emergency shelter beds for victims of domestic violence.  She’s also been a strong supporter of efforts to help former inmates find work and get necessary treatment so they are less likely to end up back in prison.