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    Oregon House votes to ease burden on hair and makeup artists

     Rep. Williamson sponsored bill to help Oregon entrepreneurs succeed in Oregon’s growing entertainment industries.

    SALEM – Yesterday the Oregon House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill to ease regulations on hair and makeup artists, a critical professional niche in Oregon’s growing television and film production industries.

    Oregon law currently requires all hair and makeup artists to go through extensive training and obtain a license if they receive payment for their services. But for specialized hair and makeup artists working on TV or movie sets, the required training is an irrelevant and expensive burden.

    Senate Bill 836 would exempt hair and makeup artists working in film, television, or theater production from unnecessary and unrelated licensing requirements, thereby helping Oregon remain competitive in these prospering industries.

    Representative Jennifer Williamson (D – Portland) became a chief sponsor of Senate Bill 836 after hearing from a constituent who had immediate concerns regarding her and fellow artists’ ability to operate in their present positions without first obtaining a cosmetology license.

    “Today is a win for entrepreneurs and the entertainment industry here in Oregon,” Representative Williamson said. “We want to keep attracting production companies that provide Oregonians with exciting opportunities and jobs they rely on. This bill removes a burden from Oregonians who are working hard to earn a living in increasingly competitive, creative industries.”

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