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A 4th generation Oregonian, Jennifer Williamson knows our state is a very special place. Born and raised on a farm in Washington County, she was taught the values of hard work and education early in life. Jennifer brings those lessons every day to her service in the Oregon House.

Jennifer received her education from Oregon schools. Worried that she wouldn't be able to afford to finish college, she first got involved in politics when she worked with her fellow students to stop cuts to financial aid. After graduating from the University of Oregon, she went to work for Senator Mark Hatfield in Washington DC to ensure all Oregonians have access to higher education. She received her law degree, cum laude, from Willamette University and was an attorney in Portland at Davis, Wright, Tremain.

Jennifer also worked in public affairs at Portland State University and served on Superintendent Susan Castillo’s executive team at the Oregon Department of Education.

Since her election in 2012, Jennifer has become a leading voice for reforming our criminal justice system and expanding investments in education, mental health care, drug treatment and victim services. She led the effort in the Oregon House to require criminal background checks for all gun purchases and worked to close a loophole so at-fault corporations can no longer avoid paying court-ordered class action penalties when they injure or defraud someone. Jennifer has been a champion for women’s health care and expanding access to contraception for all Oregon women. She supported a statewide paid sick days law and sponsored a program to help more Oregonians save for retirement.

Representative Williamson’s strong leadership was recognized by her colleagues in the Democratic caucus when she was elected House Majority Leader in July 2015.

Jennifer is married to Paul Loving, an Attorney. They live in NW Portland with their dog Hamilton. Jennifer’s stepdaughter is a student at the University of Oregon.