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    Jennifer Williamson Says She Won’t Run for Portland Mayor

    Rep. Jennifer Williamson (D-Portland), the Oregon House majority leader, is not running for Portland mayor, she tells WW.

    “It’s timing,” she says. “I was just elected majority leader and there are a lot of opportunities for us in Salem.”

    Williamson says she seriously considered running and had discussions with supporters about entering the race.

    “In the end, staying in Salem was the right choice.”

    Williamson’s quick turn as a potential mayoral candidate—speculation she may run hit the gossip mill only last week—is a response to Mayor Charlie Hales’ abrupt announcement on Monday, Oct. 26 that he would bow out of the 2016 election.

    In the days after Hales’ announcement, the names of other potential candidates have surfaced, including Multnomah County Chief Operating Officer Marissa Madrigal, whom Hales has nudged to run.

    Meanwhile, Oregon Treasurer Ted Wheeler, who announced Sept. 9 that he would seek the office, has raised more than $125,000.


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