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Since her election in 2012, Jennifer Williamson has been recognized as a leading progressive voice.  She’s kept her promises and fights to make a difference every day on issues that matter to Oregonians. Click on the issue to read more.


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House Democrats were ready to make transformational changes to how we fund and deliver critical services to students, seniors, and struggling families. The House Democrats’ plan would have stabilized education funding, boosted the economy, and delivered tax relief for working families. Unfortunately, Republicans have chosen to stand in the way rather than work collaboratively in order to solve the biggest problems facing our state.

I’m outraged that Republicans would play games with Oregon’s future. I’m outraged that Republicans would engage in obstructionism that is robbing our children of the education they deserve. I’m outraged that Republicans would put empty, partisan rhetoric over the needs of every resident of this state.
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House Bill 3464, which passed off the floor of the House today, provides clarity on what information can be shared and increases privacy for Oregonians from federal anti-immigration actions. The Attorney General needs to be able to provide necessary guidance to public bodies about what they can and cannot share with federal immigration officials, and every Oregonian should be confident that their personal information is protected. This legislation is about providing EVERY resident of Oregon the same expectation of privacy that I know I expect from my government. ... See MoreSee Less

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Thank you to all who joined us for today's town hall! As the session winds down, I am thrilled to be able to join my colleagues and talk about Oregon's budget and the Revenue Reform and Education Stability Act. There is still a lot of work to be done but I am optimistic we can make a difference and move Oregon forward. ... See MoreSee Less

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