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    An important message from Governor Barbara Roberts

    Dear Friends,

    These days there seem to be a lot of folks in politics who say one thing and do another.  They get into office and suddenly they’re not the person we thought they were.

    The people of House District 36 have been fortunate to be represented by a tireless and courageous progressive leader in Mary Nolan. She has done great work in Salem and is a consistent voice on the issues that matter most.

    Now, with Mary running for City Commission, it’s critical that we fill this seat with someone who won’t need on-the-job training.  We need a leader who is ready to hit the ground running and make sure that Oregon doesn’t retreat from the values that make our state special.

    House District 36 deserves a proven progressive in Salem.  That’s why I am proud to endorse Jennifer Williamson for State Representative.

    Jen has done an awful lot before the age of 40! For two decades, she’s been a leader for women’s health and access to all reproductive health care services. That’s why she is the only candidate in HD 36 endorsed by Planned Parenthood. 

    She grew up on a farm in Washington County and believes in the dignity of work and the rights of working people.  That’s why she is the only candidate in HD 36 endorsed by the AFL-CIO and AFSCME.

    Jennifer will protect the programs that are critical for Oregon families.  That’s why she’s earned the support of the Oregon Nurses Association and Oregon Fire Fighters.

    Jen knows we have to work together to create new opportunity for all our citizens and a new economy for Oregon. That’s why she is the choice of the Oregon Business Association.

    House District 36 needs a proven progressive in Salem. We need Jennifer Williamson in the State House.

    For Oregon,

    Governor Barbara Roberts

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