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    Calling for a Clean Campaign for HD 36

    Dear Friends:


    The voters of House District 36 are some of the most engaged, informed and active people in our state.  I’ve talked to thousands of them at their doors and in coffee shops and community meetings over the last six months.


    I believe they deserve better than insurance-funded smear campaigns and simplistic appeals to nasty stereotypes. Even worse, what form a candidate’s family takes should not be part of the equation in any political campaign.


    The reality is that my husband and stepdaughter didn’t choose to run for the State House–I did.


    We live in a diverse district with many different types of families and many different relationships that shape our lives.


    In Portland, we don’t judge people for how they built their families. We celebrate each thread that weaves together the rich fabric of our extraordinary communities.


    It’s been disheartening to hear about whisper campaigns and rumors at the doors in recent weeks questioning my professional background, my commitment to the progressive agenda, my lack of true experience as a mother and my roots in this community.


    The truth is nobody wins with this kind of politics. In the end, everyone who cares about a better future for our state loses. I don’t want to be part of it and I believe the people of HD 36 don’t want it either.


    So today, I’m asking my two Democratic opponents to join me in signing a Clean Campaign Commitment to stick to an honest debate on the issues and the facts in this election and talk about our backgrounds and our plans to represent this district.


    You could call it a mutual non-aggression pact or a clean politics pledge. I prefer to think of it as a better way forward for Oregon. Certainly, my opponents and I have some serious differences on the policies and ideas it will take to turn things around for Oregon. Those issues should be fully debated and voters should know where we all stand. But this race should be about ideas for the future, not the failed negative politics of the past.


    I hope my opponents sign the Clean Campaign Commitment, and join me in a discussion of progressive issues and ideas instead of smears and innuendo.


    The people of HD 36 deserve nothing less.


    For Oregon,

    Jennifer Williamson

    P.S. I’ve sent a copy of the Clean Campaign Commitment to both of my opponents inviting them to sign. Let’s hope we can all give you the campaign you deserve.

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