Every day as I serve the people of House District 36, I’m reminded just how special Oregon is.

We’re pioneers. We’re innovators. We’re fiercely independent. We treasure our natural resources. We protect our individual freedoms. We believe in lending a helping hand and giving second chances.

As a 4th generation Oregonian, this state has made me who I am— and I’m honored to be a progressive voice for my neighbors in Portland and for a better future for our state.

I’m working hard to keep the promises I made. I’m fighting for a vibrant economy built on family wage jobs. I’m standing up for a strong public education system from early childhood through college. I’m working to make quality healthcare for every Oregonian a reality. And I’m leading the fight to protect every woman’s right to choose and safeguard women’s health care services from the assaults of far right extremists.

With your ideas and energy, we’re making some real progress for Oregonians again.

Together, we can make sure our state has a bright future.

Warm Regards,

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Representative Jennifer Williamson

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